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Letter from the Literature Director

Welcome! I want to tell you a few facts about our graduate program in literature that might interest you. As you explore this site and our program, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Director of the Literature Program (Andrew Hebard), the Director of the English Department Graduate Program (Michele Simmons), or any of our graduate faculty in literature. We are happy to hear from you.

Outstanding Professional Success

Our doctorates really do get academic jobs, and at a rate astronomically above the national average. Here is the wonderful fact. In the past decade 25 students have received Ph.D.s in Literature from Miami, and all 25 have gotten academic positions. Our academic placement rate is 100 percent. That is unbeatable in our profession. And at least as impressive, a full 19 of those 25, or 76 percent, were hired in or have now secured tenure track or tenured positions.  Please check out our Job Placement page for the details.

Small Classes, Extensive Attention

We are a small program of approximately 30 Masters and Doctoral students. The English Department has around 70 graduate students at a time, the others being in Creative Writing and Composition/Rhetoric, and many of them will be taking some literature seminars with you. With over 20 graduate faculty in literature, we give all first-year Doctoral students in literature a faculty mentor to aid in planning their program here.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum which is both solidly grounded and wide-ranging, both classic and contemporary. Please see our list of recent and current graduate seminars to get a sense of the richness and depth of what we offer you.

The flexibility of our curriculum allows you to shape your own area of specialization, guided by your faculty mentor and your committee members. It also allows you to take advantage of multiple opportunities for interdisciplinary study. Our faculty offer seminars in such campus programs as Asian/Asian-American Studies, Latin American Studies, Black World Studies, American Studies, Disability Studies, Interactive Media Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (which offers its own graduate concentration).

Scholars at the Top of Their Fields

With a nationally and internationally recognized research faculty, you will be working with award-winning scholars who are the top in their field. The quality of our faculty is one of the great strengths of our program. And they are not only active scholars with major reputations in their fields; they are superb teachers as well, committed to working with our students throughout their graduate careers and beyond.

Training and Professional Support

One of the foundational characteristics of our program is that we provide all our graduate students with excellent training and opportunities in teaching. After training with professors in one of the best Composition/Rhetoric programs in the country, you teach first-year composition in the digital classroom, English 111, in your first year in the program. You will also be teaching the first-year composition and literature course, English 112. Additionally, literature faculty offer an Apprentice program for our students in literature. This allows you to work a semester in a course alongside a faculty member and then to be an independent instructor of a literature course. Finally, there are occasional opportunities to teach in other programs, such as Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies (WGS), American Studies and Latin American Studies. This combined pedagogical training is an important reason why our students are so competitive on the job market.

Excellent Funding

You will be well funded. All of our graduate students receive assistantships, Graduate Assistantships for Masters students, $13,000 for 2011-2012, and Teaching Assistantships for Doctoral students, $18,000 for 2011-2012. In addition, everyone is guaranteed $1,800 in summer support.

Location, Location, Location

In affordable Oxford, Ohio, a quiet, pretty, friendly place 50 minutes outside Cincinnati and an hour from Dayton—Robert Frost said that Miami’s was the prettiest campus in America—our funding package is enough to live relatively comfortably.