Department of Geology

Geology and Environmental Earth Science Research Laboratories in Shideler (SHD) and Hughes (HUG) Halls

Room General Description Contact(s)
SHD 001 Sample preparation and layout/museum prep. Hauer, Kuentz, Hart
SHD 003 Sample preparation ("clean" pulverizing) Hart, Widom, Haur
SHD 008 Limper Geology Museum Hauer
SHD 012/012A Radiogenic isotope geochemistry - TIMS
[Triton multi-collector thermal ionization mass spectrometer]
Widom, Kuentz
SHD 013B Geomicrobiology Dong
SHD 017 Department computer laboratory Brudzinski
SHD 024 Hydrogeology Levy
SHD 025 Paleontology, paleobotany Currano
SHD 027 Sample preparation (saws, grinders, etc.) Currie, Kuentz, Hauer
SHD 030 Sample splitting/pulverizing Hart, Hauer, Kuentz
SHD 101 Mineral separation and tephra preparation Hart
SHD 103B Geophysics computer lab Brudzinski
SHD 104 X-ray diffractometry [Scintag poweder XRD]
Microscampling [Merchantek Microdrill]
Rakovan, Morton
Rech, Widom
SHD 106 Geomicrobiology cold room Dong
SHD 110 Hydrogeology Levy
SHD 122 Sedimentology/stratigraphy Currie
SHD 126 Microscopy and surface studies
[Nuclide Cathodoluminoscope] and more
SHD 128A Mineral synthesis and geochemistry Rakovan
SHD 201 Isotope geochemistry - clean lab Morton, Hart, Widom
SHD 202 Stable isotope geochemistry Rech
SHD 203 Isotope geochemistry - clean lab Widom, Kuentz
SHD 204/206 Elemental geochemistry - [Dionex HPLC] Morton
SHD 205 Elemental geochemistry - DCP - AES
[Beckman/IDI direct current plasma spectrometer]
Hart, Morton
SHD 205A,B Elemental geochemistry - chemistry labs Hart, Morton
HUG 042 X-ray crystallography
[Bruker APEX single cyrstal X-ray diffractometer]
HUG 043 Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) laboratory
[Digital Instruments NanoScope with STM and AFM]
HUG 337 Elemental Geochemistry - ICP-MS
[Varian quadrupole ICP-MS]

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