September 2, 2014

Miami class looks at Richmond’s Depot District

David Prytherch and Scott Johnston co-teach IES 474 “Sustainability in Practice” and involved students in preparing plans for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic in Richmond’s Depot District. Read more about it

Geography represented at the 19th Annual Undergraduate Research Forum

Geography Majors presented their research at the Undergraduate Research Forum, April 10.  URF2013Poster

Urban Planning Students present work at Dayton’s Urban Nights: Greening Dayton’s Vacant Lots


This past spring twenty-five undergraduates and graduate students in the Advanced Urban and Regional Planning course (GEO 459/559) worked in teams aimed at reimagining Dayton’s vacant lots and presented their work to the larger community on May 11 during Dayton’s annual Urban Nights.


 Dayton, with its diverse, engaged community, provided an ideal setting to consider planning issues from the point of view of planners faced with a shrinking city.  ‘Greening’ vacant lots became a project theme as students detailed possible alternatives, including community gardens and parks, boardwalks in a proposed wetland, neighborhood basketball court, mobile outdoor movies, and solar panels in a brownfield. Through these projects, they tangled with the challenges faced by urban planners and the residents of these neighborhoods.

Examples of proposed solutions included: wetlands restoration on a EPA Superfund Site, development of a community basketball court with tree buffer between properties, and  lot revitalization with green uses in mind.  Below are links to a few examples of posters:

Twin Towers Gateway

Lighting the Way

University Row Garden


Who takes this class?  While many students enrolled in this class are Urban & Regional Planning majors, this spring we also had students majoring in American Studies, Finance, Political Science, English, Economics, Spanish and two graduate students in Environmental Science.  It is a terrific opportunity to work on the ground and learn from practitioners in the field. 


 Many thanks to practitioners who helped guide us. Tony Kroeger, Planner in the Department of Planning and Community Development for the City of Dayton and Miami alumnae, was our planning mentor who met with our students in Oxford and answered questions by email. We were also fortunate to have Professor Mary Rogero (Department of Architecture), Liz Nahrup, and Ashley Shavers help the teams evaluate possible reuses of the vacant lots.  Additionally, we are grateful to Randy Harmon, owner of a local demolition business; Luci Beachdell, Five River Metro Parks; Suzanne Mills-Wazniak, OSU Extension; and the residents of Dayton’s neighborhoods who patiently answered questions and offered advice. Also, thanks to Mary Rogero for providing space for our exhibit during Urban Nights.  Thanks!


Questions? Please contact the instructor – Jacqueline Housel at

Professor Rogero and Scott Belsky, Urban & Regional Planning Major, considering alternatives



Tony Kroeger answering questions about Dayton's Gold & Green Strategy


Geography major receives Gilman scholarship

Krista Warren received a Gilman scholarship to study abroad in Senegal with the CIEE Language Program in Dakkar during the fall 2012 semester.

Geography seniors receive President’s Service Award

Geography majors Christian Adams, Bradford Kasberg, Samuel Kay, and Urban & Regional Analysis minors Raven Jones and  Erin LeGalley receive the President’s Service Award.

Geography Department represented well by Majors at the Undergraduate Research Forum

The department had six undergraduate majors plus four student class (GEO 241) projects presenting at the Undergraduate Research Forum.

Geography and Urban & Regional Planning students present at the Undergraduate Resarch Forum

Undergraduate Research Forum

 April 11, 2012

Shriver Center, Multipurpose Rooms


* denotes Departmental Honors students


Session A:  Shriver Center, Multipurpose Rooms. 10:00
– 11:30 a.m.

Samuel J. Kay,*  International Studies and Geography Major
Advisor(s):  David L. Prytherch, Department of Geography
Kimberly E. Medley, Department of Geography
School  Choice in Cincinnati: Parents’ Geographic Preferences

Hannah E. Koonce,* Geography Major
Advisor(s):  Kimberly E. Medley, Department of Geography
Critical Analysis of Cross Border Resources: Regional versus National Authority in East Africa

Chelsey G. Armstrong,* Urban Planning and Business Economics Major
Advisor(s): Damon Scott, Department of Geography
Evaluating Transit-Oriented Development Effectiveness

Nicole B. Fisher, Engineering Management Major
Nicholas M.Berens, Geography Major
Joseph A. Banks, Computer Science Major
Elizabeth A. Beumel, General Engineering Major
Kathleen E. Bloom, General Engineering Major
Desmond L. Dixon, Chemical Engineering Major
Daniel R. Ferriell, Chemical Engineering Major
Russell P. Grabowski, Software Engineering Major
Randall E. Gross, Mechanical Engineering Major
Isa S. Hammad, Biochemistry Major
Chloe E. Hazen, Chemical Engineering Major
Ryan M. Hesker, Undeclared Major
John W. Hoenle, Mechanical Engineering Major
Brian R. Jones, Undeclared Major
Emily A. Krull, Bioengineering Major
Emma N. Kunimoto, Mechanical Engineering Major
Kavon W. Lackey, Mechanical Engineering Major
Wei W. Lu, Mathematics and Statistics Major
Alexander J. Magni, Bioengineering Major
Scott D. Martin, Mechanical Engineering Major
Nicholas S. Maze, Business Economics Major
Jake A. McCullough, Mechanical Engineering Major
Joseph  A. Melenick, Mechanical Engineering Major
Daniel E. Montgomery, General Engineering Major
Jordan J. Moran, Mechanical Engineering Major
Catherine E. Puleo, Chemical Engineering Major
Abby M. Purdum, Business Major
Brian A. Purgert II, Computer Engineering Major
Daniel J. Radziewicz, Mechanical Engineering Major
Meg Riley, Mechanical Engineering Major
Elena M. Ruiz-Krause, Mechanical Engineering Major
Michael T. Sewell, Chemical Engineering Major
Lindsay N. Silver, Mechanical Engineering Major
Evan V. Swihart, Electrical Engineering Major
Jackie R. Vance, Mechanical Engineering Major
Stuart E. Yamartino, Mechanical Engineering Major
Advisor(s): Bob Setlock, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
James B. Clarke, Brill Science Library
Project High Flight

Bradford C. Kasberg,* Geography and Anthropology Major
Advisor(s): Damon Scott, Department of Geography
Community GIS in Myaamionki

Emily V. Browning, Economics Major
Christopher Buie, Architecture Major
Matthew J. Skesavage, Urban and Regional Planning Major
Christian B. Gluvna, Architecture Major
Christopher A. Price, Interdisciplinary Business Management Major
Advisor(s): Jerry E. Green, Department of Geography
Maps and Political Commentary

Session B: Shriver Center, Multipurpose Rooms. 1:30 – 2:45 p.m.,

Alaina M. Morman,* Geography Major
Advisor(s): Robbyn J. F. Abbitt, Department of Geography
Kimberly E. Medley, Department of Geography
Participatory GIS and Public Perception in the Placement of Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Putnam County, Ohio

Isaac S. Beal, Microbiology Major
Dionte M. Allen, Urban and Regional Planning Major
John M. Floyd, Arts & Science -Undeclared Major
Ethan M. Huckabee, Microbiology Major
John D. Schmidt, Political Science Major
Advisor(s): Jerry E. Green, Department of Geography
Mapping Epidemic Phenomena through the Years

 Session C: Shriver Center, Multipurpose Rooms. 3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

Numa Gremling,* Geography, Urban & Regional Planning (GIS) Major
Advisor(s): Damon Scott, Department of Geography
Interdictory Urban Design Practices in Chicago’s Lakeshore East Development

Andrew C. Stanislav, Urban and Regional Planning Major
Sam R. Lavieri, Geography Major
Matt S. White, Computer Science Major
Reid W. Dixon, Geology Major
Jack L. Saunders, Geography Major
Advisor(s): Jerry E. Green, Department of Geography
Room to Breathe: Population Density in Comparison to Air Pollution

James S. Sayre, History Major
Nicholas M. Berens, Geography Major
Brett R. Ausubel, School of Fine Arts Major
Alexander P. Zambo, Integrative Studies Major
Advisor(s): Jerry E. Green, Department of Geography
Maps and Their Use in the Office of Strategic Services

GEO Major Brad Kasberg Wins Goldman Prize to Work with Miami Tribe

Story reprinted and excerpted courtesy of the Miami News and Public Information Office.

Miami University senior Brad Kasberg, recipient of the $30,000 Joanna Jackson Goldman Memorial Prize, will spend a year after graduation working with the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma to develop a sustainable land use plan that will address the cultural, ecological, and economic needs of the tribe.

GEO major Brad Kasberg wins Goldman Prize

The Goldman prize annually allows a Miami senior to realize a dream. It gives students with exceptional promise the gift of time to pursue ideas and activities that will enrich their later work and careers. The prize is believed to be among the largest undergraduate awards in the country.

Kasberg, a member of the Miami Nation of Indiana, a geography and anthropology double major and an urban planning and regional analysis minor, is well positioned to carry out his project.

“As a Miami, I have invaluable resources of knowledge granted from my interactions with the Myaamia Project and the rest of the tribal community,” Kasberg said.

The Myaamia Project is a tribal initiative with Miami University to advance the Miami tribe’s language and revitalization efforts.

Kasberg will:
• conduct an analysis of zinc, lead and cadmium contamination of soil and water on Miami tribal land and map the widespread contamination of the tribal land;
• cultivate plants culturally significant to the tribe and analyze them for zinc, lead and cadmium contamination; and
• develop a sustainable land use plan for the tribe.

“Appropriate land use will vary according to levels of contamination on these lands, yet the degree of lead contamination across these lands has not been comprehensively defined,” Kasberg said.

Kasberg is a geography and anthropology double major and an urban planning and regional analysis minor, and participated in the department’s Wilks Scholar Shaping Sustainable Communities cohort. “I consider the Shaping Sustainabilities cohort to define my time here at Miami University, as it has shaped my interests and goals since my sophomore year,” Kasberg said. “Without this cohort, I may never have been introduced to the importance of urban planning, environmental studies and the real world politics that entangle these issues.

For the full story about Brad’s research, click here.

Undergrad receives first place at ELAAG meeting

Samuel Kay received first place for undergraduate student paper “Climate Change and Environmental Issues: Understanding and Action Among Tibetan Exile Youth” presented at the East Lakes Division Association of American Geographers annual meeting in Youngstown, OH.

Spring 2012 Courses for GEO and URP Majors

Registration season is upon us again. To help you plan for Spring 2012, the Geography Department has developed a list of upcoming courses in the Geography (GEO) major and Urban and Regional Planning (URP) major, including new courses that can satisfy particular major requirements. They are also posted outside the 216 Shideler. If GEO majors have advising questions they should contact Dr. Kim Medley at URP majors should contact Dr. David Prytherch at