September 1, 2014

Geography Major

The modern study of geography is a legacy of the age of exploration. While geographers no longer discover new continents and seas, they still search for knowledge about unique and exotic places on earth and about the similarities and differences in the physical and cultural conditions of different places. Geographers believe that many of the world’s social problems and natural features can be understood better through geographic perspectives. While maintaining a global vision, geographers are also practical. Geographers know about the natural hazards, about adverse impacts that can occur through misuse of the environment, about climate change, about industrial location, and about international geopolitics. It is not surprising that at Miami only the Department of Geography offers courses that meet college and university requirements in the social sciences, the natural sciences, and civilization. Geographers need a broad perspective and a healthy curiosity about different people, cultures, daily life, and environment.

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate skills in integrative thinking on patterns and processes and spatial analysis across scales and among places;
2. Students will apply geographic tools and planning concepts toward problem solving and analysis;
3. Students will demonstrate competence in critical analysis and inquiry through the design and completion of independent research;
4. Students will demonstrate writing competency through the preparation of proposals, literature reviews, plans, reports or research papers, and public presentations.

Advising Services

While you study geography at Miami, advisers can help in these areas:

  • course requirements and options in the major
  • selection of Miami Plan courses and related hours
  • skills that distinguish geographers
  • department’s faculty and facilities
  • career paths using geography
  • interaction with other geography majors
  • internships
  • writing a resume
  • finding jobs in geography
  • applying to graduate schools

For more information about the Geography Major and careers in geography, contact:

  • Mary Henry, Chief Department Adviser, 219 Shideler Hall, 529-5014

List of Required Courses