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Welcome! This website is dedicated to informing, teaching, and encouraging visitors to investigate and initiate Faculty Learning Communities on their campuses.

You are invited to see our book, Building Faculty Learning Communities, Volume 97 in the Jossey-Bass series, New Directions for Teaching and Learning. See the list of chapters and descriptions produced by our 21 authors, and the ordering information online.

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Milton D. Cox
Director, Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching
Editor-In-Chief, Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and
the Learning Communities Journal
Co-Facilitator, Alumni Teaching Scholars FLC for Early Career Faculty
Center for Teaching Excellence
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio


Necessary Qualities for Building Community
What is a Faculty
Learning Community?
16 Recommendations for Sustaining FLCs
30 Components of Faculty
Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities and the Scholarship of Teaching

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How FLC Components are Connected
2016 FLC Workshops
Other information about Faculty Learning Communities

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