The FLC Program Director's and FLC Facilitator's Handbook, Sixth Edition

This Handbook may be ordered from International Allilance of Teacher Scholars, Inc. The cost is US $24.95 (plus $8 shipping and handling). To order, contact Laurie Richlin at or 1-800-718-4287.

This Handbook is designed to aid two key players in the development of faculty learning communities (FLCs): (1) the prospective FLC Program Director, who will be designing, implementing, and overseeing the FLC Program at an institution, and (2) the facilitator who will be leading a particular FLC. One person might serve in both roles.

For example, the director of a teaching or faculty development center might be the Program Director who is designing, implementing, then overseeing two FLCs, one for early-career faculty and one on problem-based learning (PBL). The facilitator for the FLC for early-career faculty might be the Program Director, and the facilitator for the FLC on PBL might be a faculty associate in the center who has used PBL successfully in his or her classes for a few years.

The Program Director’s portion of this Handbook is focused on information and strategies needed to initiate and direct an FLC program. The Facilitator’s part of this Handbook is designed to support the leader of a particular faculty learning community (FLC). Since these two roles often overlap, we have included both in this Handbook, denoting when the focus is primarily on one role or overlapping roles.

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For an FLC facilitator, it may be that an FLC Program has been implemented at his or her college or university. Implementation strategies such as seeking faculty and administrative support and establishing a budget are usually the responsibilities of the FLC program director. More details and examples are covered in the FLC Sourcebook or on the FLC website. The FLC website contains many items illustrating program components, assessment documents and results, examples of memos, retreat programs, seminar schedules, etc.

To this binder for the Handbook, please add important items as you direct your FLC Program and/or lead your particular FLC. If you would like to share these helpful items with others, communicate them to Milt Cox, This Handbook will be continuously updated with suggestions and additions by those who are involved with FLCs.

Best wishes as you engage your faculty learning communities in a productive year. Remember that your efforts are on behalf of faculty and student learning.

This project has been supported in part by grants from the US Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) and the Ohio Board of Regents.