22. Course or project mini-portfolio (prepared by each FLC member for his or her focus course or project)

The course mini-portfolio concept is introduced to replace the large three-ring binders that characterize usual teaching portfolios. The mini-portfolio provides a succinct way to summarize the changes, results, and evidence of learning in the focus course.

What are they?

A teaching portfolio is a document containing a text and an appended collection of materials organized in a scholarly way to describe, analyze, and provide evidence for the important aspects of and connections between your teaching and your students’ learning. A course portfolio limits the scope to a particular course. See Cerbin (1994) for more information.

What is the format?

Table of contents, text (overview (context), reflective statement (this could include your philosophy of teaching), and analysis), and appendixes (evidence)

Use a report cover and number pages

What goes in them?

How long should a course portfolio be?

Not long. Think of the reader. All should fit in a report cover.

Who reads them?

Is it formative or summative? For feedback, share your teaching portfolio with your FLC colleagues as you develop it.

For a nice overview and inspiration, see Cerbin, W. (1994). The course portfolio as a tool for continuous improvement of teaching and learning. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 5(1), 95-105.

This project has been supported in part by grants from the US Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) and the Ohio Board of Regents.