15. Retreats

FLC Facilitator

Getting off campus provides an opportunity for the community to bond and cover some intensive seminar topics. An example of an opening retreat follows for Miami’s FLC Teaching Writing Intensive Courses. There had been no FLCs of this type before. The next example illustrates an all-day Opening/Closing retreat bringing together new and graduating members of two FLCs to “pass the torch” from one year to the next.

FLC Program Director

The Program Director’s office should take care of the logistics for the retreat once the FLC facilitator has selected a date and location. This includes securing reservations at the location, arranging transportation (if needed), food, AV equipment, paying invoices, and the like.

This project has been supported in part by grants from the US Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) and the Ohio Board of Regents.