Chemical Waste Management Guidelines

  1. LABEL all chemical waste containers with the proper chemical name(s) at the start of collection. Trade names, acronyms, abbreviations, codes, and formulas are not acceptable. Mixtures of compatible chemicals must include the relative concentrations of the mixture components on the label.
  2. COLLECT chemical waste in containers that are leak proof and sealed. Ensure that your chemical waste is compatible with the container material (e.g., acids must not be collected in metal containers).
  3. CLOSE chemical waste containers when not adding or removing chemical waste. This practice prevents spills and ensures that vapors do not escape the container during storage.
  4. INSPECT chemical waste containers daily for signs of leakage, corrosion, or any other form of deterioration. Transfer chemical waste to a new container if the original container has been compromised.
  5. DISPOSE of chemical wastes in a timely manner by submitting a Waste Pickup Request form. DRAIN DISPOSAL IS PROHIBITED*.

* Environmental Safety & Risk Management Office may approve drain disposal on a case-by-case basis.