Chemical, Infectious & Hazardous Waste Program

The Chemical & Infectious Waste Disposal Program is described in the Chemical Waste Guide. Chemicals from laboratories, offices, and facilities operations are collected for disposal by ES&RM staff. Go to the Waste Pick-up page for more information.

Miami University is a Small Quantity Generator of "hazardous waste" as defined by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. All students, faculty and staff who handle, or generate, chemical wastes should undergo the online Chemical Waste Management Training. This training is also provided during graduate student orientation. Any person with a MU unique ID may log in and take the 15-20 minute online training at their convenience. If you are required to take this training by your advisor/department, you must complete the quiz at the end of the presentation.



Dan Fetrow
Environmental Manager
164F Cole Service Building
Tel: (513) 529-7213