Emergency Assistance: 911


  • tornado watch and tornado warning conditions
  • where tornado shelters are in your building
  • when to initiate appropriate emergency procedures

Tornado Watch

Weather conditions are right for a tornado to occur, but none have been sighted.

  1. Notify others in your area that a tornado watch is in effect.
  2. Monitor the weather with a radio or a television.
  3. Note when the watch is in effect. Be prepared for the announcement that cancels the watch or upgrades it to a warning.

Tornado Warning

A tornado has been sighted in the vicinity.

  1. Remain calm. Proceed to your nearest designated shelter area. If the building has no basement, go to the lowest level of a room or hallway. Stay away from windows. Restrooms with no windows that are near the center of the building may provide good shelters.
  2. Stay in the shelter until the warning is lifted.
  3. Stay away from windows, and do not go outside. Flying debris can cause serious injury.

Tornado Strike

  1. Curl up on the floor with your face down. Cover your head with your arms and hands. If you are outdoors, curl up in a drainage ditch or other low-lying area.
  2. After the tornado moves on or dissolves, if the building is damaged, begin an evacuation.
  3. Assist the injured. Follow Medical Emergency procedures.