Mission and Vision

Environmental Health and Safety Offices will be the leader in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy learning and work environment encompassing educational, residential, recreational, support services, and our natural resources in support of Miami University's academic mission.

Mission objectives will be achieved through the following goals:

  1. To improve safety and health as evidenced by fewer hazards and a reduction of unsafe acts.
  2. To promote a workplace culture that supports manager/supervisor and worker awareness of, commitment to, and involvement in risk management.
  3. To secure senior leadership confidence through excellence in the development and delivery of safety programs and services.
  4. To prevent fires whenever possible and to minimize the direct and indirect losses of those fires that do occur.
  5. To reduce potential and expected radiation exposures to levels As Low As Reasonably Achievable.
  6. To minimize impact on the environment through effective compliance programs that strive to meet and/or exceed federal, state and local environmental regulations.