About ES&RM

The Environmental Safety and Risk Management (ES&RM) Office was established to address the safety, health, and environmental needs of Miami University. The ES&RM mission and its staff embrace the vision of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy learning and work environment. The following is a brief history of the office.


The Academic Safety Office (ASO) was created.


The ASO was redefined to establish the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) under Finance and Business Affairs and given campus-wide responsibility for environmental, health, and safety issues.


The Radiation Safety Office was transferred to EHSO.


The State of Ohio adopted OSHA regulations. EHSO was tasked to address compliance activities for over 100 new regulatory standards.


EHSO accepted responsibility for asbestos abatement oversight and became tasked to coordinate and manage a comprehensive asbestos inventory. Steps were taken to address fire and life safety code compliance in new construction, renovations, and existing buildings.


The U.S. Department of Transportation adopted new Drug and Alcohol Testing requirements for CDL drivers. EHSO was tasked to develop and manage the program.


EHSO combined with Miami University Police under the new Department of Safety.


EHSO expanded environmental management responsibilities to include all EPA-related compliance activities.


EHSO expanded to encompass Emergency Preparedness


EHSO became responsible for Risk Management and Insurance.


Name changed to Environmental Safety and Risk Management (ES&RM) to better reflect the range of services provided by the department.



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