Courses with an Online Component

Laura Mandell

Miami Univ., Dept. of English, Oxford, OH 45056

Courses in the Digital Humanities Program

English 495, Fall 2001: The Culture of Information: Living the Internet
English 495, Fall 2002: The Culture of Information: Living the Internet
English 495, Spring 2004: The Culture of Information: Living in a Digital World
English 495, Spring 2006: Narrative and Digital Media
English 495, Fall 2006: Narrative and Digital Technology

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English 171: Humanities and Technology (Fall and Spring, 2003)
English 180: Culture of Information, Honors Course (Fall 2004)
English F103: New Technologies, New Worlds (Spring 2006)

Honors Writing and Cultures Seminars:

English H101: Humanities and Digital Technology (Fall 2006)
English H101A, Spring 2007: Image, How to Compose with Words and Images
English H101F, Fall 2007: Image

Digital Literature classes

English 710: Technoromanticism (Fall 2004)
English and Women's Studies 233, Interactive Media Studies 390.D: British Women Writers -- Digitized (Spring 2009)

English / Interactive Media Studies 238: Narrative and Digital Technology

Student Projects

Laura Mandell, Dept. of English, Miami University of Ohio