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This page last updated on
October 23, 2013

Undergraduate Program

Digital Writing Collaborative

E–mail, blogs, messaging, digital images, animation, the Web—writing has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Digital technologies have changed the processes, spaces, and products of writing, both in school and in the workplace.

To better prepare students for writing in this new era, Miami’s Department of English is pleased to announce (1) the introduction of “Digital Writing” sections of the required first-year writing courses, English 111 and English 112, and (2) other English Studies courses focused on digital humanities, digital poetics, and digital writing. No prior experience with computer technologies is necessary for enrolling in these courses.

For the first time in 2006–2007 thirty sections of English 111 and English 112 were offered in a new state of the art laptop computer classroom (Bachelor 256). Students enrolled in these Digital Writing sections bring personal wireless-enabled laptop computers, such as Miami Notebooks, to class for reading and writing a variety of print and digital genres, including traditional paper-based essays, web sites, audio essays, wikis, and blogs. (In addition, the English Department offers classes in a desktop classroom where students use school computers instead of bringing laptops to class.)

Using computers while in an English class allows students to have immediate and continuous access to the Internet and all of the resources of the World Wide Web. Students share and publish their writing on the Web, read classic and contemporary texts online, and participate in online discussion forums across classrooms, institutions and even countries. Having a computer in class also enables students to more easily integrate digital media such as video and audio into their writing and to write for audiences outside the traditional classroom.

If you have yet to enroll in English 111 or English 112 or know an incoming first–year student, consider enrolling or encourage enrollment in the Digital Writing sections. Enrollment is on a first–come, first–served basis. More information, including the specific course numbers of the Digital Writing sections, is available at: or by contacting the College Composition office at 513.529.1393 or