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April 14, 2014

Undergraduate Program


Literature Major

(for students entering Miami University in August 2014 or later)

Literature majors in this program complete 36 hours of courses, beginning with an introductory course in literary and cultural studies.  After this introduction, majors complete 33 hours of courses: nine literature courses, chosen according to the distribution requirements outlined below and including two senior seminars; a course in literary, cultural, or other theory; and a capstone.

For information about the combined B.A. / M.A. in Literature program, please visit our Graduate Program section.

Literature Major (pdf)


1.  Prerequisite Introductory Course.
The following course, to be completed in the first semester of the sophomore year at Miami or in the first semester after declaring the literature major, whichever is later:

ENG 298 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies

2.  Literature Courses
     Choose nine (including at least two courses at the 400-level; see below):
No more than two courses at the 100-level:

ENG 122           Popular Literature
ENG 123           Introduction to Poetry
ENG 124           Introduction to Fiction     
ENG 125           Introduction to Drama
ENG 131           Life and Thought in English Literature, to 1660
ENG 132           Life and Thought in English Literature, 1660-1901
ENG 133           Life and Thought in English Literature, 1901-Present
ENG 134           Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 141           Life and Thought in American Literature, to 1865
ENG 142           Life and Thought in American Literature, 1865-1945
ENG 143           Life and Thought in American Literature, 1945-Present
ENG 144           Major American Writers
ENG 161           Literature and Politics
ENG 162           Literature and Identity      
ENG 163           Literature and Travel
ENG 165           Literature and Sexuality
ENG 169           Disability Identity
ENG 220           Literature and Film (cross-listed with FST)
ENG 221           Shakespeare and Film (cross-listed with FST)
ENG 230 J         Jewish American Literature from 1945
ENG 231           The Short Story
ENG 232           American Women Writers (cross-listed with WMS)
ENG 233           British Women Writers (cross-listed with WMS)      
ENG 237           GLBTQ Literature
ENG 246           Native American Literature
ENG 247           Appalachian Literature
ENG 248           Asian American Literature
ENG 251           Life and Thought in European Literature, to 1800
ENG 252           Life and Thought in European Literature, 1800-Present
ENG 254           Latino/Latina Literature and the Americas
ENG 259           The Modern World Novel
ENG 261           Modern Drama
ENG 262           Children’s Literature
ENG 271           Cultures and Literature of the American South
ENG 281           The English Novel
ENG 282           American Fiction
ENG 283           Modern Poetry
ENG 293           Contemporary American Fiction
ENG 327           Medieval Literature         
ENG 328           The Renaissance: Non-Dramatic Literature
ENG 331           17th-Century Poetry and Prose
ENG 332           Early British Women Writers
ENG 334           English Literature of the Restoration
ENG 335           English Literature of the 18th Century
ENG 336           African American Writing, 1746-1877 (cross-listed w/ BWS)
ENG 337           African American Writing, 1878-1945 (cross-listed w/ BWS)
ENG 338           African American Writing, 1946-Present (cross-listed BWS)
ENG 339           Writers of the Early Romantic Period
ENG 342           Writers of the Later Romantic Period
ENG 343           Literature of the Early Victorian Period
ENG 344           Literature of the Later Victorian Period
ENG 345           British Modernism
ENG 346           Modern English and American Drama
ENG 347           Postwar/Postcolonial British Literature
ENG 348           Ethnic American Literatures
ENG 349           Colonial and Early National American Literature, to 1810
ENG 350           Topics in Film
ENG 351           Cultural Politics of Gender & Sexuality in Asian/America
ENG 352           American Literature, 1810-1865
ENG 353           American Literature, 1865-1914]
ENG 354           American Literature, 1914-1945
ENG 355           American Literature, 1945-Present
ENG 369           Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures
ENG 372           Shakespeare's Principal Plays: The Early Period
ENG 373           Shakespeare's Principal Plays: The Later Period
ENG 374           English Renaissance Drama
ENG 390           Studies in American Regionalism  

At least two of these (students may repeat 440, 450, and 490):

ENG 432           Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color
ENG 440           Major English and American Writers
ENG 450           Studies in Genre
ENG 468           Gender and Genre (cross-listed with WMS)
ENG 480           English Honors
ENG 490           Special Topics in Literary Study

27 hours Total

3.  An English Department course in literary, cultural, or other theory
Choose one:

ENG 329           Disability Poetics and Narrative Theory
ENG 351           Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America
ENG 368           Feminist Literary Theory [cross-listed with WMS]
ENG 370           Literary and Cultural Theory
ENG 435          Queer Theory
ENG 437          Black Feminist Theory
ENG 470          Topics in Literary Theory
3 hours

4.  Senior Capstone in Literature
Choose one:

ENG 460           Issues in Creative Writing
ENG 495           Capstone in Literature
NOTE: Credit will only be awarded for one capstone.
3 hours


II.  DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS: students must choose the required courses above in such a way that they also meet the distribution requirements below.  A course may be counted in more than one requirement (e.g., ENG 336 simultaneously meets requirements 2 and 4).

  1. Literature of Earlier Periods

Note: No more than one course can focus on Shakespeare. ENG 440, 450, and 490 may count when topic/time period is appropriate

Choose two:
ENG 131, ENG 132, ENG 141, ENG 251, ENG 327, ENG 328, ENG 331, ENG 332, ENG 334, ENG 335, ENG 336, ENG 339, ENG 342, ENG 349, ENG 352, ENG 374; include no more than one of these: ENG 134, ENG 221, ENG 372, ENG 373

2.  Literature of Later Periods
Note: ENG 440, 450, and 490 may count when topic/time period is appropriate

Choose two:
ENG 133, ENG 142, ENG 143, ENG 230J, ENG 232, ENG 233, ENG 246, ENG 247, ENG 248, ENG 252, ENG 254, ENG 293, ENG 337, ENG 338, ENG 343, ENG 344, ENG 345, ENG 347, ENG 348, ENG 353, ENG 354, ENG 355, ENG 369

3.  Ethnic, minority, or women’s literature
Note: This requirement MAY be satisfied by a course taken to fulfill the literature (earlier or later periods) requirements above.
Choose one:

ENG 169, ENG 230J, ENG 232, ENG 233, ENG 237, ENG 246, ENG 248, ENG 254, ENG 332, ENG 336, ENG 337, ENG 338, ENG 348, ENG 369, ENG 350B, ENG 468