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Anita Mannur

126 Macmillan
Oxford Campus
513 549 4616

Anita Mannur



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Anita Mannur is currently working on two projects, a collection of essays and a book-length project. The first is a collection of related articles about food in South Asian and Arab American contexts. In particular she examines the  the figure of the enemy nation in contrast to the notion of comfort food by examining social media, cookbooks and food trucks that are devoted to the dissemination of culinary knowledge about "imperiled" cuisines. Her research takes me into the exploration of the realm of which cuisines are considered unpalatable within a culture of militaristic imperialism and the cultural spaces and narratives in which the figure of the enemy combatant is reimagined. Some of the sites examined are a Chicago based performance art installation called Enemy Kitchen, Pittsburgh based restaurant, Conflict Kitchen and the blog turned cookbook project, The Gaza Cookbook. Mannur is working on a book-length manuscript tentatively titled, Toxic Food  in which she examines transnational ecodisasters in the Asia Pacific region from 1945 to the present. She explore how environmental disasters and public health epidemics, real and imagined, impact foodways to produce different forms of toxicity that are exacerbated by the conditions of corporate and state biopower. Among the contexts examined are the Union Carbide/ Dow Chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, the bombing of the Marshall Islands, Hiroshima, the use of DDT in the Cambodian genocide, the SARS outbreak and the contamination of foodways following the tsunami in Japan of 3-11.