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356 Bachelor Hall
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056
fax: 513.529.1392

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January 9, 2014



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Steve Lansky

351 Bachelor Hall
Oxford Campus
513 529 2705

Steve Lansky



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Work in Progress

Steve Lansky is currently working on And Then The Cow Was Drownded, a creative nonfiction book. An episodic and poetic account of a man’s experiences with paranoid schizophrenia and alcoholism, it starts before the illnesses manifest, then moves from full blown psychosis to nearly complete remission. In order to maintain relationships and hold jobs, he must take medication and give up his addictions. Once he is aware of his condition he works to understand and help others. Dreams, creative work, and travel combine to generate personal spiritual development. Aided by a therapist, he becomes more grounded.