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322 Bachelor Hall
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Nalin Jayasena



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My current project The Bounty of War: Cinema and the Sri Lankan Conflict is an in-depth study of cinematic representations of the recently concluded civil war in Sri Lanka between the ethnic Tamils, who were fighting for a separate state, and the Sinhala-majority government. Advancing the foundational work of Neloufer de Mel and Qadri Ismail on the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, my book will focus largely on the ways in which cinema has become a critical mode of representation of one of the longest military conflicts in Asia, not only for Sinhala filmmakers, whose work form the bulk of this project, but also for Tamil filmmakers and those living in the Sri Lankan diaspora. This project is a study of a national conflict located within a transnational framework; it begins with Sri Lankan national cinema but extends into the regional and diasporic realms of filmmaking, which underscores the transnational nature of modern cultural production and also of political conflict itself.