Kate on her way to Crazy Woman Creek, Wyoming (July, 2000)

Kate Rousmaniere

Associate Professor

EDL Chair

Kate Rousmaniere is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami University, Ohio. Her research interests center on the history and politics of American teachers and methodological questions in the social history of education. Her publications include City Teachers: Teaching and School Reform in Historical Perspective (1997) and two co-edited international volumes, Discipline, Moral Regulation, and Schooling: A Social History (1997) with Kari Dehli and Ning de Coninck-Smith, and Silences and Images: A Social History of the Classroom (1999) with Ian Grosvenor and Martin Lawn. Kate is currently working on a biography of Margaret Haley, the turn-of-the-century leader of the first teachersŐ union in the country, the Chicago TeachersŐ Federation.




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email: Rousmak@muohio.edu
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