Wall Board Testing
We were able to produce small (4” x 8”) flat wallboard samples using a hydraulic press (upper left photo) capable of exerting pressures of up to 1500 pounds. The press was limited to these dimensions, but varying thicknesses, sample configurations and pulp mixes were tested using the device. The press also allowed us to test the fabrication of wallboards with pre-made paper finishes. Test samples ranging from 1” and 3/8” in thicknesses were produced using newsprint, mixed paper, magazines, office paper, corrugate cardboard, and mixtures of each.

Though several of these tests are still in progress, our preliminary tests indicate the small (4” x 8”) samples at thicknesses in the range of common gypsum wall board equaled or exceeded the characteristics of gyp board in several categories. Weight per unit volume is equal to gypsum at approximately .7 g/cc. Preliminary tests on three point break strength put our product at double the strength of standard "sheetrock" gyp board. This test was conducted using 1 inch wide strips, though and results may differ over wider areas. The gap being spanned for the 3 point test is 6 inches, with the breaking force applied at the center of the sample, 3 inches from each end.

We have not yet completed the crushing strength tests but early indications are that crushing strength will be greater than 75 psi, possibly significantly higher. Screw anchorage tests have also not been completed, though the fibrous nature of the material would suggest the ECO-wall will compare well in these tests as well, particularly when the pressure is applied perpendicular to the surface.
Eco Wall Proposal
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