Definition of Target Markets
To identify potential markets for the paper based sustainable walls we considered more than 100 different functional use types. In the final analysis we choose office structures with the help from IDEO, Steelcase, Armstrong, and US Gypsum.

- The panel systems should be applicable for new or existing construction, but in either case is best suited for situations where interior walls are likely to be moved many times over the life of the structure.

- Full-height modular re-locatable panel systems were seen as the target market as a flexible, movable substitute for standard interior wall construction.

- Though the first cost should be competitive with other systems on the market, the modular re-locatable design of the system provides significant life cycle cost benefits. The modular Steelcase I-Line system, for example, costs 60% more than standard steel stud construction, but pays for itself the first time the wall must be moved .

Eco Wall Proposal
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