Preliminary Market Study
Summary of Office Real Estate Study
Advantages over Steel Stud Commercial Construction:

Quicker Installation Process.

Wall segments can be relocated whether it be to a new configuration, or an entirely new office building without demolition.

Extremely Flexible Floor Plan Configurations.

Only Floor and Ceiling Stystems require external resources for installation, Wall Panel Installation can be executed by Custodial Services.

Environmentally Friendly- all parts of the system are recyclable.

Fire Rating- Wall is treated with Flamespread treating of Class B.

A Price Analysis

Office Setting: High Density, 26,500 sf Office Building in Cincinnati

Total Steel Stud Construction Costs: $69,006.00
(Including Gypsum Board and Labor)

ECO-Wall Partition Construction Costs: $19,551.70
(Including all Materials and Installation)

Eco Wall Proposal
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