Panel Design and Detailing
Ceiling Track

Wall to ceiling connection track is inset in compressed paper pulp panels. Track fits compatible connection pieces that attach to the Armstrong Trimlok System.

Wall Track

Aluminum track set into the wallface allows for various connections such as: lamps, shelves, desks, outlets... Additionally, they provide panel to panel connection.

Track Connection

Panel connection bolt allows for the hanging hook to securely connect the ceiling track to the wall panel.

Floor Detail

The adjustable footer system allows the wall to level out on uneven surfaces and it is hidden behind the detachable hanging skirt.

The nominal width for the ECO-wall panels are 2’ and 4’. The system also has a solid 2’ wide “trim” panel that can be cut on site to any width and edge shape needed to fill in the non-modular or odd dimensions in an interior plan. Wall height can vary so that it extends to the underside of the ceiling in spaces where they will be installed.
Hydraulically pressed, recycled paper pulp, formed into wall partition panels.
Eco Wall Proposal
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