In early October Bob Adams from the product design firm IDEO came to campus to conduct a three-day “charette.” This intensive group design session included students from diverse disciplines which have been involved over the course of the project.

IDEO is one of the largest and most influential industrial design firms in the world. They are known for their innovative approach to conducting these kinds of team brainstorming sessions, which they call “Deep Dives”. They were featured in a 2002 Nightline program of the same name. The impact IDEO has had on a wide range of industries is represented in the sample of products listed on their website. (http://www.ideo.com)

The goal of the “deep dive” was to generate a number of wall system options that show promise from an environmental, technical, functional and marketing standpoint. In the design charette, students were encouraged to think outside the box to come up with design ideas that may be radically different from the wall systems currently being manufactured and marketed. The follow-up projects in Paper Science, Manufacturing Engineering, in Architecture and Interior Design, and in Marketing will test the technical, functional and market feasibility of these wall systems.

Charrette: An intensive design process that involves the collaboration of all project stakeholders at the beginning of a project to develop a comprehensive plan or design.
Eco Wall Proposal
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