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Miami has one of the few teacher education programs in the nation that offers an international student teaching alternative for students in teacher license programs. University guidelines and requirements are the same for students who are teaching abroad and at home. International Student Teaching gives both students and faculty a global perspective on education. The tuition for teaching abroad is the same as it would be on campus. Other expenses vary according to the location, amount of personal travel for each student, and the rate of exchange for the U.S. dollar. Students who choose this alternative teach in a variety of school settings, depending on the country and semester in which they choose to teach.
We currently offer programs in Europe, Belize, China, and Australia. Depending on enrollment and social climate, the locations of these programs may change. Please review the information on each location before making a definitive selection.

The application process for these programs has several steps and begins a year before the actual student teaching takes place. It involves a written application, recommendations from professors, an interview process, and attendance at monthly seminars the semester prior to the teaching experience.


Map of Australia


State of Victoria, Melbourne area, Gippsland Schools

Map of Belize



Map of China



Map of Europe


Luxembourg, Brussels, Germany


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