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The Ohio Team Scholarship at Miami University

Provides professional educators a 50% tuition and fee reduction for graduate credit

This 50% reduction applies to the instructional fee, general fee, technology fee, and Miami Metro fee.

In recognition of the important contribution that Ohio's K-12 educators provide to the citizens of our state, Miami University is offering a scholarship that significantly lowers the cost of professional development and/or earning a graduate degree. The Teacher Education Access at Miami or TEAM scholarship is an example of Miami's commitment to partnering with Ohio's K-12 educators.


Any educator who meets the following requirements will be
eligible for the 50% scholarship:

Educator is a full time teacher or administrator in an Ohio school district or school AND

Educator holds a provisional or professional teaching license or holds a standard teaching certificate issued by the State of Ohio AND

Educator is a resident of the State of Ohio AND

Degree(s) or course(s) or continuing education workshop(s) is/are part of the educator's approved professional development plan.

If you would like to take graduate-level courses, but do not intend to pursue a graduate degree, you can apply for admission with "continuing non-degree graduate status." After you are admitted, you can earn an unlimited number of graduate hours within an indefinite period of time.

To Apply:

Fill out the TEAM Scholarship Application form

Applications for 2014-15 fall, spring, summer terms are available HERE.



• Apply to the Graduate School. Admission is required, even if you are enrolling for workshop credits.  You will receive a Miami Banner ID number, which is needed for the TEAM Scholarship application.

• Once you have a Banner ID number, apply for the TEAM Scholarship using the application above. 

• Any graduate level course offered by Miami University will qualify for the TEAM Scholarship.

• Approved applications are good for one year (fall through summer).

•Attached to each application, you must provide a copy of your Ohio teaching license or certificate and a copy of your teaching contract for the year you are applying for TEAM.

• You can fax or mail the application to the address on the bottom of the form. 

• If you have questions, please call 513-529-8734 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


• Applications must be received one week before the semester begins.



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