You observe that the adult birds fly off over the ocean water and return with fish. The birds then fly back to their nests and feed the fish to their babies. You notice that birds are sloppy eaters! You watch the other animals take what the birds leave behind.

Deciding to stay and watch the seabirds some more, you try to sneak up on one. You actually get close enough to one bird to see tiny insects swarming around the bird's eyes. You ask Dr. Polis what they are, and he says they're bobito flies. These flies are drinking the tears from the bird's eyes! GROSS!! When someone asks Dr. Polis about how bobito flies are needed in the web of life, he reminds them of what you saw on the first island. YES!, you think, the spiders and lizards on the island have something to eat, too. They eat the bugs! After patting yourself on the back for your keen insights, you figure it is time to continue your investigation.

Study the Animals...

Onward to the Next Island!!!

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