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The Research Assistant

Scientists such as Wolfgand Kohler have observed chimpanzees making and using tools in the laboratory, and Jane Goodall observed chimps making and using tools "in the wild." Imagine that you are the research assistant to the fictional Dr. Kohlgood. Your research project is to set up a demonstration experiment to see if chimpanzees are capable of making tools. Your job is to make sure that the conditions are such that you will be most likely to observe chimps making tools. Above is a picture of your research laboratory. Dr. Kohlgood has hung a bunch of bananas from a rope well out of reach of the chimpanzee. Your first job will be to determine how much to feed the chimpanzee, then you will have to figure out which materials should be included in the chimp's environment. You will then see a picture of the results of your experiment, and have to figure out what the results mean.

Before the experiment begins, how much should you feed the chimp? (Please click on one.)

Make sure the chimp is well fed

Have the Chimp skip a meal or two

Don't feed the chimp for a week before the experiment

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