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The Great Egg Drop Challenge!!

Can You drop an egg from 10 feet off the ground and not break it?

How do you think that you can use tools to allow an egg to drop from a second-story window without breaking?

How much padding should you use?

Could you create a stucture that had no padding but still protected the egg?

Here is your mission: take an egg and drop it from a second-story window without breaking the egg. You may use any tool that you have to put together a structure, or method of dropping the egg, that will keep the egg from breaking. You may want to draw a picture of it before you start to design it. Does it have to be an enclosed box or can you make a frame structure? What about a parachute? How many different designs can you think of? Which one worked best?

After you are finished tell Dragonfly about your egg project!

Here's another idea. Every year, many wild animals are killed by cars on highways, streets, and roads. Your job is to invent a practical tool that will help save wild animals from getting hit by cars. It may be a way of warning the animals, or it may be a way to keep them off the road in the first place. Send your ideas to Dragonfly and we will forward the best ideas to the National Highway Safety Administration. Your creative ideas could save the lives of animals!

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Photo courtsey of The American Egg Board

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