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        Pluto is the furthest planet from the Sun (sometimes Neptune and Pluto switch orbits). It is also the coldest. I hope you brought your gloves and hat!  It's almost like a huge piece of ice floating in space!  The Sun looks like a big bright star from Pluto's surface.  Pluto is also the smallest planet in the solar system and is even smaller than some of the other planet's moons!  Pluto is one of  the unique planets, like Uranus, that lays on it's side.  One of its poles faces the sun while the equator points straight up.  Pluto has one moon that is the same size as it's moon, Charon.  Charon ususally revolves around Pluto, but sometimes Pluto will rotate around it! Remeber it gets cold on Pluto, so when going to Pluto, bring hot chocolate.

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