These Webpages are no longer maintained. We are keeping the pages here to preserve some of the early years of ProjectDragonfly, to honor the students who created the interactives in the early days of the Web, and because many of the activities are fun and people are still using them. For current Project Dragonfly work, go


The ProjectDragonflyteam.

Space Links

For pictures of planets, visit Views of the Solar System. To learn more about the effects of space flight on the human body, visit the Johnson Space Center home page.
Visit NASA's home page! Learn about Space Day
Visit NASA's Liftoff to Space Education site for fun space stuff. Or try their just for kids version. Visit this site to go on a more advanced Mission to Mars.
For a fun site about Earth and Space, visit Windows to the Universe. Take a virtual trip to outer space with the Henrietta Leavitt Flat Screen Space Theater.

Life on the Edge
Search for Life
Moon Lab
Space Links

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