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Subject: Sound

What is sound:

    Sound is a form of vibration that goes through a medium (such as air) in the form of a wave.

    Vibration in the to-and-fro motion of a body, which could be anything from a guitar string to the floorboards under the refrigerator.

    • may have a simple pattern like a tuning fork
    • may have a complex pattern like your loud cafeteria

    Resistance causes the dying out of sounds.

    • friction with air causes energy to be converted into heat which will no longer be able to support the to-and-fro motion.

    Frequency is the number of times a wave repeats itself in a second.

    The frequency of this sound is 2: There are two waves per second.

    Amplitude is the magnitude of the wave. (How loud the sound is.)

    The amplitude of this sound wave is marked by the purple (top horizontal) line.

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