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Welcome to the Jungle

(What most people call the jungle is actually the rainforest)

Click on this HOWLER MONKEY to hear it's howl.

This picture is of a baby Howler Monkey from the Central American country of Belize. Soon you will hear where it got it's name. Their calls are deep "howls" and can be heard throughout the rainforest.

copyright picture and sound 1997 Naturalight Productions.

Click on this KOOKABURRA to hear it "laugh."

The Kookaburra is found in eastern Australia, including the temperate rainforest. It is the biggest kingfisher, yet this bird does not eat fish -- it catches insects, frogs, and snakes! It drops poisonous snakes from great heights to kill them! By listening to the sound of the kookaburra, you may see how some people often confuse it's song with a person laughing.


Click on this BENGAL TIGER to hear it roar.

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They usually stay deep in the trees where they are well camouflaged because of their stripes. Unlike many cats though, tigers seem to love water. That is where they are often found on hot days, laying in the water. They live mainly in Southern Asia, where the weather is hot and damp

copyright picture to 1997 Zoo Net

copyright sound to Rajesh B. Shrestha

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