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Smallville Forest

Now that you know a lot about prescribed burns let's see if you can help some firefighters make the right decisions.

Smallville County Wildlife Preservation Team has decided that they must burn 10 acres of land in the Smallville State Park. There is too much ground litter and preservation team is scared that if they don't do something about the amount of ground litter, a bigger fire could cause major problems later on.

The only problem is, the preservation team has never had to conduct a prescribed burn before and because you know so much about prescribed burns, they have asked you for your advice.

First, they need to know what to wear and bring with them. Do you think that you could make a suggestion for them?

The firefighter should wear a light weight pair of nylon pants because the fire is really hot and the nylon will keep them cool.

The firefighter should bring a plastic water bottle because they will get very thirsty in the fire and they have to keep enough water in their bodies. 

The firefighters should wear leather boots and gloves and bring safety goggles. 

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