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What people wear when conducting a burn plays a large part in keeping them safe from heat, and fire. Firefighters often wear: 

1.High-tops, leather boots 

2.Cotton wool socks.
Firefighters hard at work.

3."Nomex" pants that are loose fitting 

4.Leather gloves 

5.Hard hats 

6.Leather belt or fiber suspenders 

7.A belt pack that holds an aluminum fire shelter 

8.Cotton underwear

9.Safety goggles 

It is also important to remember that nylon, plastics and polyester melt much easier than cotton or leather, so when gathering supplies and clothing these materials should be avoided whenever possible. Metal is also something that can be dangerous in a fire because it gets hot and could burn you. 

Now that you know so much about controlled burns, some firefighters from Smallville need your help. Do you think that you can help the Smallville firefighters? 

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Firefighters Need Your Help!
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