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People & Plants

People depend on plants for nearly everything, including food, clothing, and shelter. In these pages you will learn about how indigenous peoples from around the world have used plants.

An ethnobotanist lives with a different culture of people to learn how they use plants. Ten-year-old Gabrielle Plotkin interviews her father, ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin, and discovers how people in the Amazon use plants in their everyday lives.

Tirio Indian kids from the Amazon use plants for everything from making boats from giant leaves to painting pets with the fruit of the lipstick tree. Meet some amazing kids from the Amazon.

See Totem Poles and learn how and why Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest Coast carved and colored totem poles from cedar trees.

Create a Totem Pole. You are now a member of the Kwakiutl tribe and must carve a totem pole. After creating your totem pole, you can take a look at it and learn what it means!

My Dad the Ethnobotanist Amazing Amazon Kids Totem Poles Create a Totem Pole Dragonfly Home Page

Special thanks to the Centre for Technological Innovation in Psychology at the University of York, United Kindgom, for the use of the resources to create these pages.

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