The Dragonfly E-Mail List

The Dragonfly e-mail list connects children with real scientists and other young investigators around the world. The way the list works is that members of the list send e-mail to the list, usually a description of a scientific inquiry, observation, or a science question. Those questions and comments are then sent to everyone on the list. The Dragonfly team will answer questions, reply to comments, and forward messages to appropriate scientists for their comments. The way to automatically subscribe to the Dragonfly list is by sending e-mail to:

The contents of that e-mail message should be:

subscribe DRAGNFLY FirstName LastName

where FirstName is your first name, and LastName is your LastName.

Once you're on the list, to communicate with scientists and other children, e-mail should be sent to If this procedure does not work, please send us e-mail or write to:
Project Dragonfly
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056.

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