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From There to Here,
From Here to There.
Funny Things are Everywhere!

--Dr. Seuss

Cyberspace is not always a good place for kids -- but there's some great stuff "out there!" These 119 links take you to places we think you will like. Of course, we hope that you think the Dragonfly Web pages are the best. Come back often! Special thanks to Rachel Penix and Shannon Plummer.

Click on the following underlined words to jump down to the categories of interest: Art... Astronomy... Authors... Books... Clubs... Dinosaurs... Electronic Children's Literature... Fictional Characters... Games... Geography History... Other People's Hot Links... Language... Literature... Math... Miscellaneous... Photography... Schools... Science... Sports... Stereograms... Toys... Writings By Children


The Children's Gallery Artwork from children around the world.
Native-American and Russian Children's Art An art exchange between Native Amrican and Russian children.
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts They have over 85,000 objects spanning 4,000 years. You can see some of them in the exibitions and galleries. There's also a museum shop, educational and general info, and other resources.
Computer Graphics Great set of links (with icons) to places like MiraLab Computer Graphics & Animation Group, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, The University of Manchester Computer Graphics Unit, Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center, Thant's Animations Index, 3D WEB, UBC IMAGER Computer Graphics Lab, NASA Scientific Applications and Visualization Branch.


The Nine Planets - The Nine Planets describes each of the 70 planets and moons in the solar system with text, pictures, sounds, an occasional movie and links to other related net resources.
A Comet hits Jupiter - Pictures, observing information, animations, links to other sites.
Space Telescope - Handbooks and guides for proposing, observing, and data reduction. Plus info on the telescope's instruments, pictures, and links.
APOLLO 11 THE MOON MISSION Mission highlights, milestone, pictures, and detailed quotes from the astronauts.
Lunar Eclipse See and learn about the most recent lunar eclipse in the northern hemisphere.


Audrey Wood and her clubhouse.
Author and Illustrator Biographies from Scholastic Internet Libraries Excerpts from Meet the Authors and Illustrators, volumes 1 and 2.
Fairrosa's Lewis Carroll page-- A different approach to Lewis Carroll texts and information compiled by fairrosa, a regular contributor to children's literature discussions on the Net.
Diane Duane and Peter Morwood - The Owl Springs Partnership Fantasy and Science Fiction writers Diane Duane and Peter Morwood have set up this Web page with information about themselves and their writing. It's great fun.
Madeleine L'Engle Papers (Wheaton College)- Biographical information and finding aids describing the materials deposited by Madeleine L'Engle at Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections.
Kindred Spirits: Frequently Asked Questions-- Kindred Spirits is an electronic mailing list for the discussion of Lucy Maud Montgomery, her books and related material, including the TV movies and children's series "Road To Avonlea." The Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ) covers a wide range of information about L.M. Montgomery, her books, and media adaptations.
Dr. Seuss-- The beginnings of a World-Wide Web page about Dr. Seuss.
The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page-- An enormous amount of information about Tolkien and the world of his novels.

Book Lists

ALA Best '96 American Library Association 1996 Medal Winners in Childrens Literature.
Books of Wonder's Best Children's Books of 1994
Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters August, 1993.
Children's Literature Links to literature for kids of all ages
Wonderland More Literature from Alice in Wonderland to Frankenstein
Native American Coming-of-Age Novels.
Picture Books for Young Adults
A book list from the National Library of Canada: Children's Literature Service. This year's theme: The International Year of the Family. Includes annotated bibliographies of related English- and French language Canadian children's books, as well as lists of recent Canadian award-winners.
Sure-Fire Books can't miss YA books for junior high school students


Kid's Summer Club House from Houghton Mifflin's Education Place.
GAP - Girls Are Powerful A Technology Club.
CBC 4 Kids


Dinosaurs in Hawaii! - Exhibits include Triceratops Skull, Tyrannosaurus rex Head, Stegosaurus Skeleton, Baby Hypselosaurus Sculpture.
Field Museum - Take an interactive tour of their newest public exhibit, 'DNA to Dinosaurs'.

Electronic Children's Literature

Public Domain Electronic Children's Books A growing number of children's literature classics are now out of copyright, and are among the books available in full-text on the Internet. This link points to the NMSU Library Gopher.
On-line Book Page For a comprehensive search of available texts, check The On-line Books Page
***Alex***: A Large Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll The full text, formatted for reading online or downloading, and complete with the John Tenniel illustrations. Another version in Germany also includes the illustrated Through the Looking Glass.
The Hunting of the Snark, Lewis Carroll Includes the illustrations by Henry Holiday.
Various Fairy Tales and Fables From the Online Book Initiative.
Read-along Stories From the ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication. Users with well-equipped Web Browsers will be able to read the story and look at the pictures, or listen to the story and read along.
Scottish Folktales From the Dalriada Celtic Heritage Society.
Ninteenth-Centrury German Stories Struwwelpeter, Busch, Grimm Brothers in German- and English- language versions, often with illustrations. From the Foreign Language Department - Virginia Commonwealth University.

Fictional Characters and Places

Theodore Tugboat Children's Activity Center - The Canadian TV series about a cheerful tugboat who likes to be friends with everyone. Includes an interactive story book based on characters from the show, as well as pointers to other Internet resources of interest to children, parents, and teachers.
Rupert Bear-- A discussion of the British comic-strip character.
Wonderful Wizard of Oz Frequently Asked Questions List, which includes information about the books, the movie, and The Ozian Times (an e-mail discussion list for fans)


Puzzles - Puzzles and brain teasers archived from the newsgroup rec.puzzles and categorized by subject. Both the puzzles and their solutions are given.
WebMind - A Web version of the classic MasterMind game. The idea is to figure the sequence of colors. Has four levels from beginner to expert. You can even see an example game before you play.
Peg - A game where you try to remove more pegs from the board than the computer you're playing against.
Gazillionaire Business strategy game from LavaMind.


Grand Canyon National Park- History, maps, images, services, trail, books, and more.
VolcanoWorld - Everything about volcanos. Includes a Hawaiian Tour Guide, volcano mages, current and recent eruptions, and more.
Southwest Alberta Provincial Parks and Protected Areas


Calendar of African-American History.
Earthlore- "The adventure of understanding our existence through the expression of cultural spirit."
Encyclopedia of Women's History.
Greek Civilization Home Page.
The Learning Page of the Library of Congress.
Web Acropolis- Go on a virtual tour of the Acropolis!
Betsy Ross Homepage- Learn all about the life and times of the woman who sewed the first American flag.
Past Nobel Laureates in Physics- Created by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Library.
Martin Luther King, Jr. page- Created by the Seattle Times.
Presidents of the United States of America
Susan B. Anthony page
Frederick Douglass page

Other People's Hot Links

Janice's K-!2 Cyberspace Outpost - Has what's new, the best use of the Web by K-12, and links to museums, educational resources, art.


The Language Page - Language resources from all around the world, range from dictionaries to language tutorials to spoken samples of languages.


A Usenet news group devoted to the discussion of children's books.
Mailing Lists related to Children's Literature Information about e- mail discussion groups.


Math Forum Student Center- Swarthmore College's page devoted to helping students with math ("Ask Dr. Math") as well as providing exciting challenges.
Archimedes- Everything you ever wanted to know about a great mathematician.
Mega-Mathematics! An exciting math page created by Los Alamos National Laboratory.
MathEd- Mathematics Education Resources.
Math Pages Created by Cynthia Lanius.


Rachel Carson Homestead Learn more about the ecologist and author of the wonderful book Silent Spring.
Walkin' Jim Stoltz A songful site dedicated to protecting wildlife.
Kid Links A global conversation among children about important topics.
Global Show and Tell - Children show off their favorite projects, possessions, accomplishments and collections to kids (and adults) around the world.
Yahooligans For Kids.
Lycos Just for Kids
Classroom Connect Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Kids.
Virtual Pet Cemetery Immortalize your beloved departed pet in the tombs of cyber-space.


VidKids - California Museum of Photography's Web page for K- 12 kids has an Interactive Gallery, Media Literacy Program, and Lesson Plans.


WWW Schools Registry
more K-12 Servers
Hotlist of K-12 Internet Schools - This list is laid out in geographic categories. Includes non-US cities.
Cyberspace Middle School - Designed for students in the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades who are using the World Wide Web to help get an education.
Canadian School Net


Kinetic City A science adventure show for kids. On the air and on the net.
Hands on Plastics A scientific investigation kit for kids.
Educational Hotspots Links to dozens of educational exhibits and interactive environments.
Franklin's Forecast Some are weatherwise, some are otherwise. -Ben Franklin
Passport to Knowledge: Live from the Rainforest. Explore "the greatest expression of life" we know of.
Inquire Ohio Inquiry-based science and a whole lot more.
Ontario Science Center - Tour, events, "The Human Body", a young person's guide to the Internet, and links.
The Mining Co. Ecology and other things for kids and teens.
The Why Files For the Science Behind the News.
Franklin Institute Virtual Science Museum - They 'bring the exhibits, resources, and fun of a museum visit right to your desktop' with virtual exhibits and hotlists.
NCSA Education Program - Makes the connection between scientific research and education, and makes the tools for computational science available in the classroom.
Earth Science Resources. From paleontology, ecology, oceanography & astronomy! Maintained by Dragonfly's Hays Cummins.
Tropical Ecosystem Images Hays Cummins' best pictures and descriptions from the Bahamas & Costa Rica.
Weather Sites Hays Cummins weather page.
Sea World - Main selections are Animal Information Data Base, Teacher's Guides, Shamu TV: Sea World and Busch Gardens Video Classroom
Froggy - Has links to froggy things all over the net, like stories, songs, even ASCII pics, and everything from scientific stuff to the Muppets.
Earth View
Field Museum - In this experimental program you can take an interactive tour of their newest public exhibit, 'DNA to Dinosaurs,' or study specimens and images selected from their research collections of over 20 million objects.
GLOBE Globe Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment. Excellent!
Mad Scientists Net They'll answer your questions and drive you mad.
Disect a virtual frog
Environmental Organizations- Earth's biggest environmental search engine.
Teacher Experiencing Antarctica- Linking students everywhere to activities at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.
Desktop Laboratories Virtual Scientific Instruments.
The Center for History of Physics- By the American Institute of Physics.
National Center for Science Education Information about Evolution.
Scanning Electron Microscope Great close-up images of very small things from the Boston Museum of Science.


The Global Cycling Network - Info on bicycling organizations, newsletters, ride calendars, mailing lists, and links to the VeloNet Gopher and WWW page, and more.


Stereograms - A page with links to dozens of stereograms, and a link to a similar page with previews (takes longer to load). These sites have been selected and been given a rating out of 5 based on the following criteria: appearance, content, ease of use, organization, relevance, suitability for a young audience.


Boomerang Page - Info on tournaments, how boomerangs work and how to use them, as well as resources, books, etc.

Writings By Children

Falcon's Nest in Alaska Created by and for kids in Alaska
KidPub KidPub is a place for children to publish stories on the World Wide Web and to read stories published by other children. This is a free service sponsored by En-Garde Technical Comunication.
MidLink Magazine An electronic magazine created for and by children ages 10-15.
The Hole Dewey Dug
Texas Folktales from Spring Branch ISD, Houston, Texas Parodies of children's stories, written by children and given a Texas flavor.

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