Try these Yourself

Experiments You Can Try

All of the information we have learned today has come from scientists conducting experiments. If you want to learn more about squirrels and the forests, try some of these experiments on your own!

Experiment #1: Go out in your yard or a park.(Check with a parent or teacher to find a good place!) Choose somewhere you can go every day to check on your experiment. Look around on the ground and collect several different acorns. Plant them in different places like you would plant a seed. Keep a record of where, when, and what type of acorn you planted. Then, check on your spots each day. Compare how the different types of acorns germinate. Which take the longest? Which grow the fastest?

Experiment #2: Collect several different kinds of acorns. Find a spot outside where you can work. Carefully open each acorn and examine the insides. You will likely see communities of insects inside. Compare the different communities. Do they look different? Are some acorns more crowded than others? Wash your hands when you finish!

Experiment #3: Go to an area where you have seen squirrels before. Gather a bunch of acorns and place them in patches in the squirrels' area. Record how many and what type of acorns you placed and where. Make predictions on which patches the squirrels will like the most. Watch your acorns for a few days. Observe what the squirrels do with the acorns. Which ones do they take the most? Which do they take the least?

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