Sea Turtle

The sea turtle looks a lot like a land turtle. However, the sea turtle can't bring its body inside its shell. The shell, however, does protect the turtle from predators. Some species of sea turtles can grow to be the size of a full-grown human!

Some species are becoming endangered because humans hunt them for food and for the turtle's eggs, tortoise shell, hide and oil. Sometimes you may see a sea turtle come ashore to lay her eggs, which they bury in the sand.

Sea turtles are long-distance navigators, and long-lived animals. They can live to be more than 100 years old. Unlike you and I, they can drink saltwater, and secrete the excess salt through glands around their eyes. The Leatherneck sometimes eats jellyfish. Sadly, they sometimes confuse jellyfish with human garbage such as plastic bags --which can get stuck in their intestines and kill them.

Follow the progress of Adelita the Turtle -- a Loggerhead turtle who is making her way from Baja California across the Pacific Ocean. Children around the world are tracking her progress thanks to a satellite tracking collar, and the World Wide Web. We will be discussing Adelita's journey on the Dragonfly discussion list.

The large photo is brought to you by Sea World.

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