Exploring Hide & Seek

Here you can explore nature's game of hide and seek -- how predator and prey camouflage themselves and try to hide from each other.

Laws of Camouflage are based on the way people and other animals perceive the world. Learn Gestalt principles, and see if they help you in the game of hide and seek.

Jump into the Hide and Seek Sea. At the left is the Leafy Sea Dragon! A total of 22 creatures are hiding in this sea. Click on each creature to see its picture, and learn more about it. Can you find all 22 animals?

Camouflage rocks and experiment with which patterns are best at keeping them hidden in different environments. Send us your data!

Hide & Seek Sea Hiding Rocks Camouflage Laws Overview Dragonfly Home

Special thanks to Jaime Miracle and Lindsay Sullivan, who are students of the Western College Program at Miami University.

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