Cafe de Flore

Photo used by permission of The Paris Pages

Good job!  Congratulations, you've reached the Cafe de Flore using the shortest, quickest route!  It is always imprtant to know that the shortest distance between two places is a straight line.  This does not always mean that the shortest route is the least complicated, though.

Looking around the cafe, you find that you don't see your group.  However, you decide that because the Cafe de Flore is fairly large and very crowded right now, you should wait a while to see if your group is hidden by the other customers at the Cafe.  While waiting, you decide to order lunch, which the waiter brings out with surprising speed.  After eating your lunch, you ask the waiter if he may hve seen youur group.  He replies, "Oh yes, I have seen this group you talk about.  But I believe they just left to go to the Louvre a few minutes after you got here.  They were talking about a lost group member that may be you?"  You tell him that they were most likely talking about you.  You then ask him if they left any messages for you.  he replies, "Yes, they said to tell you to try to catch up to them at the Louvre Museum."

You look at the Paris Map to find a speedy way to the Louvre Museum.  Is the quickest way to go:

Northwest Across the Seine River,

Southwest on Blvd. St. Germain, then north on Boul. Saint Michel,
then turning left on Rue de Rivoli, or

Southwest on Blvd. St. Germain, then north on Boul. Saint Michel,
and continuing on north on Boul. de Sebastopol?

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