Dance Theatre is an eclectic dance company at Miami University. In a major concert each semester, the company showcases boldly innovative and diverse choreography utilizing the talents of guest artists, faculty and students. From modern and contemporaty dance to ballet and jazz and sometimes tap—Dance Theatre presents a dazzling variety of dances in each concert. Concerts are presented toward the end of each semester with most performances in Hall Auditorium on the Oxford campus. The Wilks Theater in the Armstrong Student Cener (ASC) and the Gates Theatre in the Center for the Performing Ats (CPA) have also been used in recent year,s and both these theaters will be utilized for 2018-19.

Dance Theatre also performs in numerous performances on campus and in the community each year as an invited guest, so company mebers have many performance opportunities.

Dance Theatre, once had, through it’s Dance Repertory Group, a strong outreach program. Thousands of school children benefited from the lecture/demonstrations provided each year in Butler County.Many underserved children experienced the benefits of dance by having the Dance Rep Group come to their school. All presentations were interactive hence many children physically experienced the beauty and joy of dance. Concert tickets are still given to underserved students in Butler County and through seeing live dance we hope they will be encouraged to dance in some way.