Welcome to the first semester of the Dance Theatre 2017-2018 season. We have an energetic company eagerly anticipating our December 2 and 3 concerts in Wilks Theater, Armstrong Student Center (ASC). With 6 new apprentice members plus the returning “veteran” dancers, a lighting designer with excellent credentials from CCM, 4 student choreographers, 3 guest choreographers (Dan Weltner, Margaret Donohue, and Joanna Kotze), and me all setting dances—we have a terrific concert in the works!

In the mean time I’ve been reminiscing a bit recently as I’ve been going through DT folders from long ago containing pictures as well as “ newer” pictures in folders on my computer. I’ve been going through these things with the intent of disposing of items that will probably never get seen again. Some old pictures I have scanned and sent out and I intend to do more of this. There are certainly things that should be disposed of—and yet each has its own unique memory.

The costume closet is once again overflowing and I’m trying to dispose of things that I feel will never e reused. Oh…those days when I labored over my sewing machine making elaborate costumes for many of you; It is easier now, with most dances using “real clothes”—but in many ways not as breathtaking to view. Many of these costumes remind me of some of you reading this. These items represent moments in my life that I will treasure always—and hope you will too.

The dances are not complete—but they are nearing completion--then the performance mode really kicks in. Remember being on the stage doing the dance for the first time? All the rehearsals, the critiques, the stress…and then the exhilaration!

Let us share the exhilaration with you. Join us in Wilks—see the fruits of our labor.

Lana Kay Rosenberg
October 21, 2017

Lana Kay Rosenberg, Director