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Consultation Services

Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati (HFGC) Evidence-based Practices for School-Wide Prevention Programs Initiative

The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati (HFGC) has contracted with Miami University’s Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs (CSBMHP) to provide consultation and technical assistance (TA) to support the Evidence-Based Practices for School-Wide Prevention Programs (EBPSWPP) initiative. The Miami University technical assistance team provides TA consultation for each of the schools that receive Health Foundation planning grants and implementation grants through the initiative.  This TA consultation is provided at no charge to each school and includes faciliating readiness assessments, needs assessments, and other data-driven procedures, and support in building general and innovation-specific capacities at each school site.  HFGC will provide grant funding to assist schools with assessment of their readiness to change, needs assessment, program review and selection, and assessment of program outcomes and fidelity.  CSBMHP will provide TA to HFGC and grantees by working with each selected school individually, as well as all schools receiving grants as a group.  The programs that are selected by each school will be implemented by the school (in cooperation with HFGC) as part of the normal curriculum in which all children are expected to participate. 

In order to assist HFGC and the grantee schools with planning, implementing, and evaluating the strategies undertaken in support of the EBPSWPP initiative, CSBMHP has been contracted to support and monitor the collection of unique and common information from all of the schools.  HFGC and CSBMHP will make use of an online survey assessment tool to assess readiness and school climate that will be used by HFGC in selecting grantees for the project; survey-based assessment tools to assess needs and resources within the school; and program-specific assessment tools to assess outcomes and fidelity to the selected evidence-based program. 

The primary purpose of these data collection efforts is to ensure selection of grantees that are most “ready” for participation in the HFGC project; to ensure that schools are provided with objective measures of the needs and resources within their school; and to ensure that the program selected is implemented with fidelity and is producing outcomes consistent with its evidence base. The readiness measures are used for selecting the grantees that are ready to implement a program in their building; the needs assessment measures are used for identifying potential areas of need to target, program planning, and to inform the selection of an evidence-based program for implementation in each school setting; and the program-specific assessments are used to ensure that the program is being implemented with fidelity and is achieving its intended impacts/outcomes.  HFGC and CSBMHP will make use of common assessment tools.  The online readiness assessment tool will be made available to all staff members in each school applying for the HFGC funding.  The needs assessment tools will be made available to administer to all children in grades 3 – 8 and all staff members in each grant recipient school.  Unique outcome and fidelity assessment tools will be chosen based on the specific program selected by each school.