Research Projects


Research in the Laboratory for Ecophysiological Cryobiology is focused in three primary areas: Vertebrate Cryobiology, Insect Cryobiology, and Ice-Nucleating Microorganisms. Basic research in all areas aims to elucidate principles of adaptation to life at low temperature. However, investigation of cold-hardiness mechanisms has contributed to our knowledge in various applied disciplines, such as integrated pest management, tissue cryopreservation, and organ banking. Understanding the winter biology of ectotherms may help predict consequences of climate change for their survival, as cold tolerance governs the distributional patterns of many ectotherms. Furthermore, some of our work has demonstrated the feasibility of cryopreserving amphibian gametes, a tool that ultimately may aid in captive breeding/reintroduction programs for mitigating the worldwide decline in amphibian populations.

Our work would not be possible without funding provided by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, United States Department of Agriculture, Ohio Board of Regents, and various private and industrial foundations.