Research Teams


2005-06 Expedition


Richard E. Lee, Jr., Ph.D.

is a Distinguished Professor of Zoology at Miami University in Ohio. His research program focuses on ecological and physiological adaptations of insects, frogs and turtles to low temperature and winter. He is also involved in several programs that provide professional development for K-12 teachers.

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Michael Elnitsky, M.S.

is a Ph.D. candidate in Richard Lee's lab at Miami University. His dissertation work is on the cold hardiness and related stresses of the Antarctic midge, Belgica antarctica. More specifically, his research interests include the molecular and physiological response to freezing, desiccation and osmotic stress.

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Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez, M.S.

is a Ph.D. candidate in David Denlinger's lab at The Ohio State University. He works on the diapause of the apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella, and the physiological differences between its host races. His research interests include insect diapause, heat shock proteins, cold survival and insect hormones. He also worked on house dust mites and their non-chemical control for his master's thesis.

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Josh Benoit, B.S.

is a graduate student in David Denlinger's lab at The Ohio State University. Josh recently graduated from Wittenberg University (B.S., Biochemistry), where he worked on insect dehydration tolerance for Dr. Jay Yoder. Currently, Josh is working on how mosquitoes can tolerate overwinter conditions, in particular the molecular basis of dehydration tolerance.

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Marianne Kaput, B.A.,B.S., M.E.

teaches 6th grade math and science at Troy Intermediate School in Ohio. Much of her educational research has focused on the specific learning needs of girls and of students with special needs.  She is an active participant in various environmental education projects and professional organizations. Marianne is happily married to her husband Tom of 24 years and has two daughters who are currently attending college. She is a competitive rower and an avid outdoors enthusiast.

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