Antarctic Lesson Plans

Middle School
Lesson plans are arranged alphabetically by discipline within grade bands. Please note that the lesson plans can be easily modified for all grade levels! To download lesson plans, click on the PDF button after each description. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. Please click here to download your free copy of Adobe Reader.
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Cross-Curricular Lessons


Packing for Antarctica

Marianne Kaput, Troy Intermediate School, Avon Lake, Ohio

Create a packing list for a trip to Antarctica. Will you survive if the power goes out? | PDF


They're M-e-e-elting! An Investigation of Glacial Retreat in Antarctica

Sam Bugg, Juanita Constible, Marianne Kaput, and Richard Lee; Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and Troy Intermediate School, Avon Lake, Ohio

Simulate the effects of climate change on Antarctic glaciers with this classroom experiment. | link to article in Science Scope


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Earth and Space/Physical Science Lessons


Do-It-Yourself Iceberg Science

Luke Sandro, Springboro High School, Springboro, Ohio

Explore physical properties of ice and icebergs. | PDF


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Life Science Lessons

Belgica adult

Extreme Arthropods: Exploring Evolutionary Adaptations to Polar and Temperate Deserts

Luke Sandro, Springboro High School, Springboro, Ohio; Juanita Constible and Richard Lee, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Investigate arthropods from Namibia and Antarctica and create evolutionary "toolboxes" necessary for survival in extreme environments. | PDF


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