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post_moot convocation

poetry + performance: a convocation

View a sampling of performances from the 2010 post_moot convocation on Miami University’s Meshworks YouTube channel.


Stan Apps • Oana Avasilichioaei • Mike Basinski • Holly Bass
 • John M. Bennett • Black Took Collective • Sean Bonney • 
Tammy Brown • Mairéad Byrne •  cris cheek • Daniel Citro
 • A.M.J. Crawford • Jordan Dalton • Maria Damon  • 
Ian Davidson •  Ryan Downey • Lara Glenum • Alan Golding
 •  K. Lorraine Graham • Duriel Harris • Carla Harryman • 
Jeff Hilson • Jen Hofer  • Josef Horaçek  • William R. Howe
 •  Jade Hudson • Christine Hume •  Peter Jaeger • Mark Jeffery • Bonnie Jones • Pierre Joris • Adeena Karasick  • KBD sonic collective
 • Brian Kincaid • A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz •  José Luna • 
Dawn Lundy-Martin •  Mel Nichols •  Hoa Nguyen • Chris Mann
 • Monica Mody  • K. Silem Mohammad • Laura Moriarty • 
Judd Morrissey •  Erin Mouré • Jason Nelson  • Mel Nichols
 • Tom Orange • Jessica Ponto  • Luke Roberts  • Jaime Robles • 
Ric Royer • Linda Russo • Lisa Samuels •  Standard Schaefer
 • Jonathan Skinner •  Danny Snelson • Todd Seabrook  • 
Jessica Smith • Rod Smith  • Kate Sopko • Rodrigo Toscano
 • Lawrence Upton • Catherine Wagner • Mark Wallace  • 
Dana Ward • Barrett Watten • Brian Whitener  • Steve Willey
 • Tyrone Williams • Ronaldo Wilson


All convocation attendees and participants must register. Registration will take place on site upon your arrival. Registration for those with institutional affiliations will be $95; for those without, $25. (We will provide most meals for registered participants in the convocation.)

Peabody Hall

On arrival, please come to Leonard Theatre, Peabody Hall (see Travel Information and Maps) or to the alternate venue we are using at the time of your arrival (see Schedule).


The post_moot convocation committee is grateful to its major sponsors,the Humanities Center, the English Department, and the Marjorie Cook Fund at Miami University for their generous assistance. Many thanks, too, to the Howe Center for Writing Excellence at Miami University for cosponsoring and hosting Jen Hofer’s “escritorio publico.”

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Convocation Planning Committee:

Photo by K. Lorraine Graham Rodrigo Toscano

cris cheek
William R. Howe
Cathy Wagner
Tammy Brown
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